Message from our President and CEO

Being a local company that is accustomed to operating where we live and raise our families, it’s rare that we have to speak about our commitment to being a respectful and transparent company.  Most of the people we deal with see it with their own eyes every day. Here in the Appalachia, your word and your handshake still mean something. That’s how we were raised, and that’s how we conduct business.

We go far beyond the already robust baseline of regulatory requirements to ensure that both our family of workers and the environment we and our neighbors share are properly protected.

And thankfully, the blessing of modern technology allows our impact to be very small and temporary.   We are harvesting this bounty of clean energy in a respectful and sustainable fashion, while leaving intact the beautiful landscapes and we all enjoy so much.

In fact, the use of natural gas has helped cut toxic air emissions such as mercury, barium, arsenic, and chemicals that cause smog by a considerable margin. In 2012, thanks mostly in part to the boom of shale gas production, the United States cut its carbon footprint to levels not seen since the early 1990’s… the only country in the world to do so.

But the benefits to the environment are only the beginning. The energy we produce is helping to fuel an American manufacturing resurgence, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and saving the average household thousands of dollars per year.

We’re showing the world that energy can be extracted in a safe, responsible fashion…by doing so right in our own backyard.


Michael D. Snyder

President and CEO
MDS Energy Development, LLC